Bosnian magic

Mystical Bosnia and Herzegovina


Curing from black magic and evil

If a man had pain all over his body, or only in one place, it was called udarac (blow), and it was believed that this disease was caused by demons or black magic, and that's why an exorcist was called, i.e. a person which cured others with magical formulas. The exorcist would take a thin branch, usually hazel tree, and he would lightly hit on the painful body parts, repeating the following formula rhythmically:

Exit namet, exit nagaz;

from bone into flesh,

from flesh into skin,

from skin into hair,

from hair into earth!

Earth is the mother,

she received many things,

she will receive you too!

Go namet, go nagaz

into the depths of the sea,

into the mountain;

where the rooster doesn't sing,

where the ox doesn't roar,

where the chicken doesn't crow,

nor the axe cuts!

*namet - spell, *nagaz or nagaza - direct contact with the demon over a certain item (spell) or as a result of accidentally passing by a place where demons dwell, or disturbing them, after which they attack the person.

Bosnian magic
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