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Hijama (cupping)

Thanks to an enthusiast of ancient medicine Dr. Merim Omerhodžić, a well-known neurosurgeon at clinical centre "Koševo" in Sarajevo, the old method of curing by drawing out blood from the organism has been revived. Searching intensively for new sources of knowledge in alternative medicine Dr. Omerhodžić studied Hijama for two years in the medical centre in Medina. Though this method was initially primitive to him, in time he grasped its priceless importance for alternative healing. Certificate which allowed him to practice this folk recipe was given to Dr. Omerhodžić in 2006 with which he became first physician to cure with Hijama in our region.

One cures with Hijama by placing cups to various spots on the body, and then by releasing air out of them one creates a vacuum, the sucked in skin cracks, which causes the blood do drain out. -Once the cups have been removed, there is a red mark created by the gathering of blood under the skin. That blood is initially very dark, and the suction is repeated until it becomes light red, Dr. Omerhodžić explained and added:

-It is considered that such blood is "dirty", full of toxins which is eliminated from the body by this procedure. Contemporary scientific studies support this, while analyses show that there is a difference in the content of the blood from the finger and that blood collected with the help of Hijama. Doctor Omerhodžić says that with Hijama, which regulates the flow of energy in blood, removes cold, moisture and toxins from the body, and thanks to it the pain disappears as well. -With this ancient method one can successfully cure lumbago, pain in arms, shoulders, legs, back and muscles, but also stomach aches, migraines, insomnia and it can prevent vomiting. Hijama helps with wound healing and reduces high blood pressure.

The expert from Sarajevo mentions that this method activates the entire organism, improves memory and acts preventively even on insanity. Hijama is recommended once annually before the hot days, best at the end of May or beginning of June. Treatments last around half an hour, and in curing diabetes it is employed consecutively three times every month.

Hijama throughout history

Hijama was known in Bosnia until the fifties of the last decade. Until then the suction of air from animal horns was used, the wider end was placed on the patients skin and the skin was cut by a sharp stone or knife. However, releasing blood today is a medical method and belongs to the domain of "small" surgery. Vacuum is achieved thanks to a pump, surgical scalpel is used to make small cuts, and since the procedure requires strict hygiene, the material is sterile and the instruments are disposable. This is why it would be best if it is done by an educated person, with a certain certificate, Dr. Omerhodžić claims revealing his plan to open a centre for traditional medicine in Sarajevo with a group of colleagues. He intends to employ his rich experience gathered at the medical centre in Medina, but also America, where certain success in curing migraine was achieved.

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