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Protection of the house

Besides people, the place of dwelling, house or apartment, can often be epicentres of negative energy which enters the house mostly through visits by persons who are envious or hypocritical. Similarly, on your shoes or clothes, or even directly with you, in the space in which you live, negative energy finds ways to accumulate. When it reaches a certain degree it causes a series of unfavourable things such as restlessness, nervousness, feeling of unease or insomnia, fights which start without any real reason or even an unusual apparition inside the house. Besides, if a burglary happens, besides a material loss causes a block of wellbeing and general luck and often one or even more persons have issues with money or lack of success. Of course, behind all of the enumerated negative phenomena, someone's magical activity might be hiding, whose consequences can be extremely serious. Item which is used for performing black magic is usually discretely placed inside the house or its vicinity in order to send negative energy from that hidden place into the house and its inhabitants. Its activity in the beginning is usually of a weaker intensity but it strengthens as the lunar phases gain strength and range of action. Due to such a situation the inhabitants start to get sick, in the beginning we are talking about headaches, fatigue and insomnia, so in time these phenomena become more serious and debilitating such as blockage of luck and peace, constant fights, discord, sudden accidents, loss, etc. Though it is very important to find the source of negative energy and remove it from the house, in order to eliminate the influence, a house which has "soaked" negative energy must be "cleansed" because otherwise the energy will stay in the house and cause issues. The best way of cleansing the house is by a ritual known among the Bosnian stravarke as "house water" where one uses tap water and extinguishes matches above it while uttering a long exorcist formula. Use of three basic elements, fire and water, those words i.e. air, is the essence of white magic in Bosnia and represents the strength of number 3. Spraying all rooms in the house according to a precise defined ritual in a very short time, one achieves neutralization of the effects of negative energy after which a channel for flow of good luck and wellbeing is open which was blocked up until that moment.

Bosnian magic
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