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We divide fears to conscious and unconscious. Conscious fears we recognise and we know of what we are afraid of. However, unconscious fears are different. It simmers inside of us, even though we do not register it. It lives in our soul subtly and drains its energy. Fear is one of the biggest "thieves" of positive feelings. With fear we spread negative energy. It seeks our weak points and in such a manner it drives us and our thoughts. One of the biggest energy consumers is stress. Also low, but chronic level of stress, reduces the level of energy, it can drain a person both mentally and physically, even if that person spends its day in bed. Fear and restrained rage are basic segments of all stress, which has an extremely destructive effect on our physical and mental state. Classic syndrome of fear is the ability to change mental but also physical state of a person. In Bosnian folk medicine people are warned that fear is extremely harmful for humans since the body of the person subject to great shock or long term stress is tightened, shrinks, the body is tense and is in a way changed i.e. deformed. Though there is a lot of harmful manifestations of fear these are the most frequent: nightmares, panic attacks, nervousness, loss of self-confidence, arrhythmia, sexual issues, frequent headaches, stomach issues, etc. Fear also blocks people in all areas of their lives and they become unhappy and unsuccessful both in love and in their professional career.

Bosnian magic
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