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Spellbound eyes

Another negative manifestation which like all the others comes usually by someone accidentally coming into contact with people or living environment are spellbound eyes. All cultures of the world are familiar with the belief of detrimental effect that spellbound eyes or words have on people. That's why there are countless ways of defending and protecting against it. Evil eye is defined as the influence of mental forces and their ability to produce a negative effect on a material level, especially on live beings and especially man. Moving force of evil eye from various places but it is often induced by the feeling of hatred, envy, contempt but also love, passion, etc. For that reason human eyes can harm another person consciously or unconsciously. We all have that ability and it is wrong to consider that only negative people can harm someone with a gaze. Bosnian stravarke claim that urok i.e. effect of evil eyes occurs in combination of a gaze full of positive or negative emotions which follow similar words or statements. Three days are necessary for such supernatural effect to develop inside a human and for it to start causing some of the following symptoms: headache, raised temperature, nervousness, insomnia, weakness of the body, depression, etc.

Bosnian magic
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