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According to the claims of Bosnian folk doctors there are a few types of wind i.e. there are a total of nine and they are named as follows: red wind, black wind, yellow wind, Satan (Jinns), pasji sugreb, scabs, measles, itch and wild fire. By the intensity of activity some are weaker and some stronger. Even though there are numerous ways for a man to come into direct contact with them the most frequent one is when passing next to garbage. If at that moment, the man is passing by a load of rubbish. If at that moment, while the man is passing by the rubbish, a wind blows over the rubbish and hits the person there is a large possibility that the person unawares has suffered a direct hit with negative energy, whose effects will be seen later after some time. Winds of smaller intensity require a certain time period in order to accumulate enough strength capacity in the human body i.e. to develop. Frequent symptoms of their effect are headaches, and from some vomiting. From most of the enumerated types of wind a man can get a skin disease such as measles, spots, skin redness or even psoriasis. Out of some stronger winds a person can even die. So called black wind falls into this category since it causes cancer with its negative effect and in a lot of cases it encompasses a small portion of the neck. Curing the effects of wind usually take longer, sometimes even years. If a shorter period has passed from the appearance of the disease, for example three years, then the diseased can be cured in a year, etc. It is considered that the winds are actually manifestations of invisible beings such as Jinn and faeries, which don't have to be evil or antagonistic towards humans, they could be startled by a passer-by, who has accidentally walked into an area which they consider to be their own, where according to beliefs they spend their time, dance or eat, and they answer to this provocation by attacking. That's why whirlpools of wind, places where dogs urinated, waste dumps, or places where there is blood, urine, hygienic pads, bones, etc. from the old days are considered to be places where invisible, usually negative, beings gladly gather and spend some time. Traditionally such places are being avoided or when one is passing through he is praying to God for protection.

Bosnian magic
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