Bosnian magic

Mystical Bosnia and Herzegovina


Issues and diseases that can be solved and cured by Imam healers

Neutralising black magic spells, which can cause various diseases or emotional issues, business or material damage.

Marital harmony

Happiness in love, work or generally in life.

Finding lost persons or things.

Positive influence on people.

Epilepsy on a mental basis.


Manic-depressive psychoses.



Impotence on a mental level.

Schizophrenia (certain cases).

Diabetes (lowering blood sugar levels).

In certain cases they heal an array of other diseases, but they are not taken as characteristic.

Mental illnesses which the Imams heal, according to a famous healer Sulejman Pekarić, are divided into three large groups: 1.-black magic, 2.-ogromak, 3.-wind.

There are 40 types of spells. Each type acts in a certain way on humans and for each a special type of healing is applied. Sihir or spell affect, among other things, 1)people starting to hate another person, 2)feeling of nervousness, headaches without - from the stand point of medicine - a real reason, 3) joint pain, 4) lack of focus, 5)disorder of love and family relations, and others. If spells act for a longer period of time on a man, he can fall ill with a stomach ulcer or duodenum ulcer or have issues with gallbladder. There are extremely dangerous spells, when a person can stay paralysed in certain parts of the body, and even die in a couple of days if he is not helped immediately (diagnosis in this case cannot be determined medically). Such persons are in a special state, they do not answer calls, they have lowered eyelids and they only react when their stomach is being touched because of pain.

Such issues are removed by long-term praying above the person.

There are seven types of ogromak. They cause people to be mentally ill, they can get a stroke or some other issues in the body. All types of ogramaka have a similar activity. Evil spiritual beings - here the Jinn have a direct influence.

Wind manifests through a rash or itch, but also through some more difficult forms of bodily disorders. There are a few types of wind, they also stem from the Jinn and faeries. So called black wind can cause certain types of tumours.

Imams can heal diseases of the organs. It is known that numerous diseases of the organs have their origin in the psyche, i.e. they stem from mental illnesses. When we eliminate spiritual attacks, i.e. mental cause, then the healers remove the disease of the organs.

Bosnian magic
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