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I will reveal a very powerful ritual of neutralising negative energy, purification and invocation of forces of good, which can improve your life in all regards. I need to thank a few stravarke, especially Fatima Dizdarević and Hasiba Ordagić for this ritual, which described in folk terms what they have been taught by their predecessors or mentors. Everything that they told me, I wrote down and will share with you in a modern version in this text, which will be another valuable contribution to everything that exists in Bosnian magic.

Nacre (Ruta graveolens)

While fresh the nacre has a natural characteristic to spread a prophylactic smell around. But, when dried the smell is not so intense it actually recedes in the plant, and that’s why it is necessary to place its leaves on hot coal, three or seven coals, so that it can transform into the element of air in combination with the fire; this way the possibility of fumigation of the house and all space inside of it with the goal of cleansing. It is especially desirable to fumigate the house before rain, so that one can open the windows during fumigation in order for the smoke to leave the room and combine with the moisture in the air, while it is raining or just before it rains. With that, this miraculous plant combines all four elements, but also sky and earth which purifies rooms and human bodies. Results of this magical ritual is creation of a kind of a vacuum and it is an ideal time to summon human aura and positive energy and forces into the house. Another shrub plant can help us with this, though it does not stem from our area.

Bosnian magic
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