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People of sealed fate or blocked luck

There have always been men and women who remained unmarried through their whole lives and among people are known under names: the old guy or old maid, a spinster, old girl, and so on. The reasons for such a fate are different and they are sometimes the result of poor living conditions, great childhood trauma, congenital frigidity, homosexual tendencies, sexual abuse, or even certain mental health problems.

But what about those who do not belong to any of the said groups and yet failed to make any serious relationship let alone the marriage? Bosnian people traditionally believe that only the person who wanted so remained alone, because when someone sincerely wants to have his/her suppose he/she is not so choosy. However, is that really so?

Before we get into analyzing the “sealed fate” we have to separate this unnatural phenomenon from today’s modern life trend, in which extremely poor economic situation and extremely unstable living environment results in an increased percentage of individuals who consciously choose not to marry or establish family. There, we cannot talk about “sealed fate” but only about personal will and decision.

The greatest enemy – love

Since ancient times there are stories among people that there are individuals with a “sealed fate” or luck. Despite the attractive appearance, eloquence, social status, a university education, family pedigree, material situatedness, or some other desirable condition these people do not have serious success in love ?! In short, for them - love is the greatest enemy.

It is likely that you yourself know such a person who has had dozens of unsuccessful relationships that have all ended in one way or another, comic or tragic, but always with the same result. With all the undertaken efforts or interest, very often their relationships "broke overnight" or their engagement and weddings were cancelled without an actual reason.

While in the last century early marriages were popular and parenthood was exercised already in the early twenties, this trend has, within relatively short period, moved forward for ten years, so it is now the most normal thing to enter into marriage and also to exercise motherhood in thirties. This is why young people in their thirties can no longer be considered as persons with “sealed fate”, but only those of older ages.

Accidental and intentional reasons

There are many people in this world for which parents have accidentally selected a name that does not match their destiny and as such is blocking their life happiness and energy. Sometimes the name is so negative that the child is constantly sick and poorly develops and as long as the name is not changed, it has neither health nor progress.

Wrongly selected name, according to the spiritual experts, magnetically attract dark forces and spells which then further complicate person’s destiny and makes him susceptible to all negativities and especially to “sealed happiness”.

This is why, in order to detect if a person is a victim of “sealed happiness” her name and name of one parent are being converted into a single-digit number – the answer. This information is crucial in order to undertake a ritual or make a talisman.

Besides, there are other predispositions to enter into this negative category. Namely, the people have always considered girls with lush hair and bright eyes as the most often victims of spells that blocked their luck and made them a lot of problems in emotional life.

It is wrong to believe that a person's "sealed fate" is the result of God's punishment (curse) because God neither hates nor punishes anyone, and even less he listens to human evil desires and requests. God is a pure Good and absolute Love and everything that happens to people is exclusively the result of human evil that manifests itself through negative thoughts, words and deeds - spells, curses and witchcraft.

What characterizes person of “sealed happiness" is a feeling of indifference or, as some of “stravarke” like to say: such a person sometimes feels "neither as a male or a female", no matter her actual sex. In addition, there is feeling of depression, anxiety, aggression, distraction. Very often, the symptoms tend to be physical so that a person often suffers from headache, has a sensation of suffocation in the chest, or has bloating stomach for no reason.

Seven ways of happiness

It should be noted that in the past girls were more affected by “sealed fate”, while today there is no difference between boys and girls. Therefore, there's probably a lot more ways to help the girl to unseal the happiness than for a man.

For a girl who has sealed destiny, in order to find her chosen one, a magical inscription (talisman or tilsum) for unsealing the fate has to be ordered. Girl who wears this inscription for 40 days will have her fait unsealed and thus shall be relieve from misfortune. However, the imperative is that the inscription has to be ordered by parents or one of the girl’s close relatives, because she should not know about it. Even when the desired result is achieved, the discretion about the origin and purpose of the record must be respected.

The person who is ordering inscription had to secretly take seven hairs from the girl of “sealed fate” and bring them to the one making the magical inscription, usually to Hodza (Mullah) or Dervish “of good reputation” – who is famous among the people for his power and skills. Each of the hair Mullah individually coats with wax and bent into the form of fork. When this is done with all the hairs, he wraps them into a paper on which is written a male name. Each paper he wraps into linoleum and then in a piece of green cloth that he ties. At the end the seven bundles have to be buried on seven different roads, and by that the first part of the ritual is completed.

After this, Mullah is looking at the stars and horoscope signs. He says a short prayer from the Quran and blew in the direction of the girl's house. Only then he starts with writing of the magical inscription for the unsealing of happiness. The one who ordered the inscription brings it to the girl and give her instruction to carry it around the neck, under the pretext that it is a lucky charm. The real purpose must not be discovered. It is important that after the marriage the girl continues to carry the inscription around the neck and that she is not allowed to open it and show it to her husband.

Very good result gives the ritual with the tread and the padlock, when a person is measured from head to foot. After the magic ritual was performed the tread is being put into the padlock and locked. The padlock is then given to a person of "sealed fate" who has to, on the night of the new moon, unlocked it on the river bank and throw it into the water.

Another good way to "unseal the fate" is the smelting of lead. Special exorcism formulas that are uttered over a bowl with water and smelting molten lead neutralize extremely detrimental effect of blocked luck. If among lead figures appear a figure in the form of angel, this is a sure sign that spells and rituals were successful.

By the allegations of stravarke (folk doctors), when unsealing the fate, it is always easier to help persons in their thirties than to those of the older ages.

Bosnian magic
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