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When the gizzard is “moved” from its place

Strunjen želudac (Gastritis) If a person feels pain in his stomach right after eating then it is believed in Bosnia that his/her stomach has been moved out of its natural position, to the right or left side of the stomach. One determinant that the stomach has been moved is the pain under the ribs. The Bosniak women that treat such problems are called Želudarice. Before treating the ill they touch their right hand, the part between the index finger and the thumb, and if they feel a knot in form of a small pellet, then they are certain that there are problems with the stomach. That uncomfortable and painful experience can be caused by various factors but the most common are; if a hungry person lifts heavy weight, bad diet, stress, emotional problems, falling and hitting oneself, strong coughs, etc. Stomach problems can be treated with massages, vacuum or magic. All three methods warrant success.

When the gizzard is “moved” from its place

Due to suffered fear the gizzard can be “moved”. Among the people it is called “strunjeni želudac” and has all the symptoms which are classified in medicine under hernia on the gizzard or just hernia. The diseased gains weight suddenly, no matter what type of diet he uses, he is bloated, or loses weight drastically, he feels pain underneath its ribs, and if it happens that the person suffers this condition for a long time, according to stravarke, the person can die. Sometimes the diseased person has all the classic symptoms of a heart attack such as tingles in the hand or even strong pain.

Bosnian magic
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