Bosnian magic

Mystical Bosnia and Herzegovina


Magical protection of children

With Bosnian people since the old days the custom was for beautiful and kind children to be protected from spells - because of the gaze. Before she goes into the street with her child, the mother performed one of the prophylactic rituals to protect the child: she would draw a short line with charcoal on the child's forehead, she would clad him with an upturned piece of clothing, such as socks, she would utter a magical formula, she would spit on him, she would turn the child's face towards the stove alluding that no one can harm the old, dark stove with the gaze and with that her child, she would pull him by the nose, etc. She would do all of that in fear that someone wouldn't gaze at her child for long or in enthusiasm or even envy would hurt the child with the gaze or words.

If someone would hurt him in this manner according to the thinking of local grandmothers the only ritual that would help is extinguishing charcoal in a bowl of water. But, In order to avoid it, as soon as she would return home with the child the mother would wash its face with water over which she would utter a prayer, or she would hold him over a well so that the child can see his reflection on the water, or she would place a leaf of rue under the pillow or some other plant.

Often it happened that out of precaution the mother repeats three times above the child a magical formula such as this:

Not even on a sea bridge,

nor brain stone,

nor a white feathered crow,

nor a saddle on a cat,

nor a bell on a cat,

nor a horn on a dog,

nor on my N a spell!

Go ye spellbound eyes on an army!

Nine leave, eight arrive,

eight leave, seven comes,

seven leaves, six arrives,

six leaves, five arrives,

five leaves, four arrives,

four leaves, three arrives,

three leaves, two arrives,

two leaves, one arrives,

the one also leaves for health and happiness!


Spell to create a Jinn

In Bosnian magic there were rituals which were used to create a Jinn (demon) which will serve those witches which helped with his birth. But, rules of such and similar rituals are often rigorous and demand somewhat unusual conditions which need to be met in order to reach the desired result. Of course, there were those witches who managed to circumvent some of the rules with their knowledge and wit, thereby reaching their goal - creation of a demonic servant.

In order to successfully complete a magical task a girl, which will become the "mother" of the future Jinn, must meet two criteria, from which the second one is very difficult. The girl needs to be seventeen, if she is younger or much older she won't meet the strict rules of witchcraft, which is a pretty simple task compared to the second one. Namely, a more important condition is that she never spoke to a man in her life, not even her father?! If one happens to find such a candidate, then her task is not to wash her face or comb her hair for seven days, in order to expose herself to the sun in such a condition. After the seven days pass she takes an egg from a black chicken with a short tail, but a small egg, the one which is called among the folk pronosak or iznosak. She will carry that egg under her armpit for a month, taking care that the egg is with her during the night as well. At the very end of this time period instead of a chicken a monstrous creature will appear which is called cikavac in Bosnian mythology. But, with that her magical task is not completely over, since cikavac is still not a Jinn.

It is believed among the folk that in the past of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially rural areas, there were many cikavac which the local witches used for their egoistic and criminal goals, i.e. stealing of milk, cheese and sour cream from their neighbours. Though miniature creatures these creatures had a large pharynx (or gullet) in which they would store the milk, cheese or sour cream which they devoured in the houses during the night.

Cikavac is also a being which suck the blood out of an udder and would leave it completely without milk. When they returned to their witch after their visit, they would empty into a wooden dish everything they stole. In such a manner they would supply their mistress with all the dairy products to the detriment of her neighbours.

More ambitious witches weren't satisfied with owning a cikavac instead they wanted to create more powerful beings, which in the future could offer them a wider range of services, therefore they would wrap a cikavac into a swath for 21 days, like a mother would her child, made out of hairs taken from the tail of a brown horse. In that time the cikavac would slowly transform into a demonic being, a small mixture of an animal and a human, which would consider the witch her mother and it would be able to fulfil numerous wishes. But, since the Jinn is a pretty intelligent and evil being, with a constant hunger for human souls, in the beginning his services are free but later, when he managed to create a certain dependence towards himself, he would offer the witch a deal which would be based on trade - she will be his master as long as she is alive and after her death the witch will give him her soul.

Such a deal was acceptable for both parties since witches yearned for great power with whose help they could perform various miracles and in a sense rule destinies of individuals while the lifespan of a human presents no problem for a Jinn, since unlike humans the Jinn live for a few thousand years.

And in the end we need to mention that among the Bosnian folk there was a firm belief that women are more successful and better than man in the world of magic, which is often reasoned by this short tale. On one occasion a man and a woman made a bet who will talk a demon into entering an empty pumpkin. The man tried first but all his persuasion attempts ended negatively. Then it was the woman's turn. She took the pumpkin seductively and brought the opening of the pumpkin next to her eye and she started to wonder and gasp. Struggling to bear his curiosity the demon asked her what is her amazement and why is she so exalted by what she sees, to which she replied: "My dear demon, I cannot describe it to you in words what wonders I see in the pumpkin. You need to see it for yourself, enter and see." After those words the demon thought to himself "I could enter quickly to see what is so amazing in that pumpkin". As soon as the demon thought this he entered the pumpkin, the woman sealed it and took away the bet.


Ritual agains the black magic

Growing common houseleek on the balcony is an old Bosnian tradition since it is believed that this plant protects the house from lightning and black magic.

To neutralise negative effects of demons one should make movements with the left hand which resemble chasing away invisible beings. Actually, that's what you are doing. When performing this action, one should utter: "Get away from me devils!"

The Jinn are masters of the dark. Their habitat is underground, underneath the root of walnut trees. That's why one should never plant walnut trees in one's yard since it brings bad luck. The trunk of the walnut tree should not be cut, and if it is necessary it should be done with an appropriate prayer. It is considered as especially negative to fall asleep underneath a walnut tree, since, as it is believed by the folk one can die or fall mentally ill. Besides, the one that falls asleep underneath a walnut tree will awaken with a headache.

The Jinn are located in persons with weak immunity, people mourning excessively or people who are overjoyed constantly. To protect oneself from a Jinn, one should utter the following prayer in the morning after waking up: "God, be in front of me, be next to me and those dearest to me and protect us from evil. Amen".


Mystical beings

Aždahe are similar to snakes and they can hurt humans. It is believed that when a snake turns 100 that she grows wings and she becomes a being called aždaha in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she feasts on animals, especially livestock, but also humans. In the past people often spoke about the traumatic encounters with this beast and according to one of the stories there was an aždaha which disrupted people when they tried to pass along a road and that's why she was killed by one of the villagers. But, fighting the beast, he got so scared that he died shortly after killing the beast.

Dragon is a mystical being which flies through the air and pours fire from its mouth. According to tales from grandparents, the dragons, in the past, were often encountered in mountains, close to hollow caves. According to Nešid Avdagić from Radovlje, he often saw dragons during sunset, flying from mound to mound, close to a forest located near Konđilo. There are hollow caves there which serve as homes to the dragons whose specialty was to pour fire from their mouths.

It is believed that when a virgin dies that she can often turn into a mystical being called Prikaza. We are talking about a luminous phenomena, which often sits next to its grave at night and weeps. To stop the innocent girl from having such a supernatural state, during her burial one should break her pinkie on the hand.


Amuleti e Talismani

Nella magia bosniaca tradizionale esistono molti modi per proteggersi dalle energie negative ( per esempio dalla magia nera, incantesimi vari, demoni ecc.). Il modo considerato più efficace e l'utilizzo dei amuleti. Possedere l'amuleto, eccetto gli effeti che esso ha sul corpo fisico e sull'aura, comporta anche dei effetti psicologici perché offre all'uomo una dose di ulteriore sicurezza e fiducia in se stesso. Secondo le credenze tradizionali è consigliabile per ogni uomo di avere un amuleto per proteggersi dalle energie negative che incontra quotidianamente, in particolare quelle che si riscontrano nel contatto con altra gente.

Ogni uomo ha un destino predefinito il quale però viene influenzato dalla fortuna. Purtroppo, questa fortuna viene spesso bloccata dalle energie negative di altre persone (specialmente dalla gelosia o dalla magia nera). In questo caso, pure l'energia vitale dell'uomo viene bloccata e di seguito l'uomo agisce con solo 50% delle sue capacità e per questo non riesce a raggiungiere risultati rilevanti e soddisfacenti in nessun aspetto della sua vita. Continuamente gli riaccadono le stesse situazioni negative e fallimenti. La persona non riesce a trovare un amore adatto, non prospera nel lavoro e spesso si avvertono anche delle malattie. Queste situazioni hanno l'influenza diretta sulla psiche umana creando insicurezza, depressione, ansietà e incremento del stress, ecc.

L'importanza particolare dell'uso degli amuleti stà nel fatto che esso ha gli stessi effetti sia sui credenti sia sugli scettici. Il contenuto degli amuleti è diverso e dipende dalla conoscenza del suo creatore. Per questo di solito incontriamo gli amuleti con una o più preghiere, amuleti con i quadrati magici e citazioni da Kur'an, amuleti che contengono figure umane, di spade, di serpenti. Si può trovare anche un amuleto che contiene tutto ciò che è stato elencato precedentemente. La funzione dell'amuleto é stata spiegata perfettamente in uno dei testi che un certo l'amuleto conteneva:

"Per la protezione contro i demoni, diavoli, maghi, mostri, contro gli attacchi, il dolore, mal di testa, debolezze, febbre e ogni altra malattia. Allah è la protezione più affidabile. Lui perdona sempre. Non vi è alcun potere o forza oltre quella di Dio, il Grande e Onnipotente!".

Anche se gli amuletti hanno potere in tutti gli aspetti ora elencati, nella maggior parte vengono utilizzati da gente che é già stata vittima di un incantesimo nero oppure da coloro che hanno la sensazione che ciò sta per accadere. A causa di ciò gli amuleti vengono creati appena dopo la richiesta esplicita della persona la quale desidera raggiungere l'imunità contro le energie negative opurre dopo l'eliminazione dei incantesimi neri per prevenire la loro ripetizione.

Contrariamente all'opinione che gli amuleti possano essere fatti in qualsiasi ora del giorno o della notte, i maghi bosniaci hanno delle preferenze. Cioè una volta che l'amuleto viene ordinato, c'è un'attesa dai 15 ai 30 giorni prima che esso viene prontato. Il motivo è che in Bosnia e Herzegovina la creazione degli amuleti avviene nella seconda metà del ciclo lunare, gli ultimi 14 giorni prima del cambiamento lunare e sempre dopo mezzanotte. In questo modo l'amuleto ottiene un potere di protezione particolarmente forte e elimina tutte le influenze negative.


Bosnian rituals and beliefs

Grains of wheat have an important role in rituals for health, namely, during every of the five daily prayers one grain of wheat is left in a glass or a vessel. When the vessel contains 100 grains then the water is poured to the brim. After the shower the vessel with the grain is poured over the head so that the grains fall on the head and into the bath. After that the person wipes itself and the grain is picked up and thrown under a sapling such as an apple, plume, etc. This is a tested Bosnian method of preserving vitality and security.

To clean the house of the influence of black magic one uses the ring of a dead man, i.e. a finger which is taken from the hand of a deceased, holding it on the right eye one passes through the entire house and leaves the room. One should not talk during that time.

In order to protect the house from black magic one needs to go out into the yard at dawn before the sun rises and bring four nails with. While holding the nails in the hand one needs to utter the following three times: "My dear Hazrat Fatima, my dear mother, tell your father Mohammad to help me during the day and night!" Then the four nails are driven into the ground, but in a reverse fashion into the four corners of the house, uttering this formula: "As no one can make anything of these nails, so too no one can do anything to me or my house!".

To protect a small child from spellbound eyes, when giving praise to the child in its presence one would utter "Mašallah!" or the child is pulled a little by the nose or one touches the child.

If someone harms the child with his/her gaze, and the child cries constantly, or is restless or has a fever, then one needs to obtain some salt from the person that bewitched the child, place it into the water and rub the child's forehead with the mixture.

When a man and a woman meet for the first time and if something is accidentally broken, like a cup, is spilled or falls down, it is believed that love will develop between them.

When the new moon is sighted for the first time one needs to repeat prayer Fatiha three times and make a wish.

Before a trip one needs to overturn a part of clothes that one wears to be stable and concentrated during the trip.

When cleaning a table after a meal a spoon is accidentally left behind, this is interpreted as a death that will occur soon.

For blessing in the house, a tradition since the old days is that a guest is always awaited at the door, a special sign of respect is to stand up in front of a male guest. If a male child comes into the house it is believed that it brings good luck and well being and a chicken egg is given when it leaves.

A nursing woman needs to take care that no one sees her since it can happen that someone gazes at her with spellbound eyes and also that a drop of milk doesn't fall to the ground and she doesn't step on it. Both cases can lead to the woman losing her milk. If that happens she needs to ask for some trahana (Persian terhana - oriental soup) three years old, cook it and it a few mouthfuls. She will get her milk back.


Powerful charm

Powerful black magic is created with cloth with which a vagina has been wiped after a sexual relation and which has traces of sperm. The mage can perform this sexual union only with a woman he is not married to or in a relationship with. After that this piece of cloth can be used in various ways: for creating love spells, strengthening potency, separation from lovers, etc. The cloth is especially suitable for summoning Jinn-servants. According to the opinion of Iranian and Arabic wizards this piece of cloth contains great power, which comes from the connection of sperm and vaginal secretion, since both fluids contain important magical content. Similarly this cloth can be used as incense for summoning evil Jinn's.

In Bosnian magic a woman which wishes to tie down her husband's sexual power, she uses a cloth to wipe sperm from her body and then goes to the graveyard with the cloth. There she seeks for a grave in which a dead man is buried with the same name as her husband and ties the cloth around the gravestone into a knot uttering: "As this cadaver is helpless and cold so should you be helpless and cold for all other women besides me, with my desire and god's command, amin veledalin!" Then she goes home without looking back.


Holly stone of the Bogomils

Though there is a small number of documents which would significantly which would shed light on a mystery called "Old man-stone" from the folk legends, we can conclude that this holly object is positioned next to a twisting road north-west from the village Osoja and Gačica more than a thousand years ago. On first sight we can see that we're not talking about a sarcophagus, but a sacral object which once served for religious rituals of the Bosnian Bogomils.

In the book "History of Bosnia and Herzegovina" historians claim that in the tenth century, or even earlier, in this area the Bogomils appeared, which in the Slavic sources were also called Babuni (baboons). Franjo Rački related them to Patarens and he claimed that they were the originators of Bosnian Patarens. According to the research of Rački, Bogomil's were dualists. They believed that the spirit and the invisible spirit world were created by god, and material, physical are the act of the devil or Satanijel, which represents evil, and everything that occurred in the age of the Old Testament (Torah) were the act of the devil and that's why Moses and the prophets were damned. Bogomil's didn't have a classic church as a place for prayers, instead they performed their religious rites in a simple house, which was called hiža, or on specific places in nature. Bogomils disappeared from these areas with the advent of the Ottomans, though there is data that they dwelt there in a much smaller number until the twelfth century.

Holly place of healing

Old man stone is saddle shaped, and when a man sits in its saddle he is turned exactly towards east. Around the stone is a masterfully etched stopien where Grandfathers sat, Bogomil priests, who placed their hands on the worshipers. There are no religious symbols on the old man stone, and there are no other etched symbols. Even after the conversion of the Bogomils to Islam, the Bosnian folk were still in awe of the "old man stone". They even believed in its healing powers, and when sick, they would bring their cattle there and they claim that they received help every time. Especially during the time of threshing wheat, when the horse couldn't urinate, they would bring him there, they would go around the "old man stone" three times and the horse would be cured every time.

State decision

That there were always inhabitants around this Bogomil sacral place is proved by the stream close by which was enlisted as one having the clearest drinking water. The stronger the winter, the warmer the water in the stream, and the hotter the summer, the cooler the water got. Before, when there were no waterworks, settlement was built around clear drinking water. Many years on the right side of the stream there was a place for doing laundry which was frequented by women from the village.

That "old man stone" is an object of historical importance for this area, is confirmed by the fact that the Yugoslav historians protected the monument by state decision 980/51 when during the fifties the military industry was being built up in Vitez.


Influence of magic on humans

Most frequent magical prop in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a hen's egg, which has the ability of absorbing negative energy, similarly it claims that there is no such thing that couldn't be used to make spells. Magic is often done on clothes or a photograph of a person, on hair, nails, sperm, etc. All the things that belonged to a person can be used to prepare magic. Spells served in drinks or food are considered to be the most dangerous since it is believed that they have the ability to multiply and spread in the human organism which can cause a man to lose weight and fall ill.

Magic enters a human being through all bodily cavities, through the forehead i.e. "star", middle of the forehead, feet, and in case of black magic directed to cause a disease and death the magical attack is concentrated on the heart or head of the victim. Sudden shivering which passes through your body or unrest are often symptoms of a magical attack. In such a case you must quickly move from place in which you are seated or standing in any direction at least half a meter. Once you do that the mysterious sensation will disappear.

Each magical prop which is found inside the house, car or clothes must be brought as far as one can from the place where one lives and must be thrown into the fire, and if they are inflammable into a creek or river. The spell mustn't be burned inside the home since it will create the opposite effect i.e. the magic will still be inside the home. Against voodoo magic or generally magic which is created with the help of dolls, which represent the victim, it is quite effective to have an upturned piece of clothes on you, such as underpants or socks, since with that act you prevent the negative energy from penetrating. But, you must be aware that without strong protection, such as an amulet, you don't have a lot of chance against a magi which made black magic his profession.

The effect of black magic on a human is often manifested with some, or all of the mentioned symptoms such as frequent headaches, suffocation, especially during sunset or night, sudden mood swings, nightmares, depression, sudden changes of life habits, inexplicable diseases, constant failures... Another symbol is pretty assuming - if the man is constantly sick and the medical examination shows that he is fine and that there is no physical ailments.

The most successful and least time consuming way of cleansing oneself from magical effects if six months haven't passed since the moment one has become a victim of negative effects. If that period has passed, its state is characterised as serious and in order to eliminate the magic the treatment will need to be repeated a couple of times.


Hamajlija or Amulet

In Bosnian magic tradition there are numerous ways of defending oneself from negative energy (black magic, evil eyes, demons) but the use of amulets is considered to be especially efficient and effective. Wearing the amulet, besides having an effect on the physical body and aura, has a psychological effect since it gives additional dose of security and self-confidence to the wearer. According to traditional belief it is recommended for every man to wear an amulet in order to be protected from negative energy with which he comes into contact with daily, especially when coming into contact with other people.

Every man has his own destiny, whose course is mostly dominated by luck, but, that positive energy is often blocked by other people with their negative emotions, especially jealousy or black magic. Then the life force of the man can often be blocked and he usually acts only with 50% of his capacity and he doesn't achieve significant results. He constantly has the same negative things occur to him, failures and accidents. The person cannot find an adequate love partner, have business success or he is often sick. That of course has direct effect on the psyche which results in lack of self-confidence, depression, anxious, increased stress, etc. The thing which is especially important when using an amulet is the fact that it has the same effect on the person that believes in its power and on the one that is suspicious.

The content of the amulet, hirz or hijab, is varied and depends mostly on the spiritual knowledge of the one creating it that's why we come across amulets with only one or numerous prayers, amulets with magical squares and certain quotes from the Qur'an, amulets with letters, figures of a human, sword, snake, or amulets with all of the above. In a text amulets of an unknown mage the use and function of the amulet is best described: "To protect from the devil, Jinn, wizard, afrits, against attack, pain, disease of eyes, headaches, weakness, red wind (Erizipel), fever and every disease. The best protection is with Allah. The Merciful always forgives. There is neither power nor strength, only with God, Magnificent and Omnipotent!"

Though it has the power to act in all the mentioned segments people use it mostly if they were victims of a magical attack or they feel that they could become victims. That's why an amulet is always constructed when a man desires to do so, in order to obtain immunity against the negative effect of other people, or as a mandatory rule after the process of elimination of black magic, in order to protect oneself and prevent a possible return of magic.

Namely, like good, evil is also an indestructible energy which can only be moved or transferred onto another person or location. That practice is very famous in Bosnian tradition and the targets of such occult transmissions were usually special categories of people such as "women whose hair is falling out", "men that are going to the mosque", "people separating in a flea xafs", etc. A strict rule that everyone must follow is that evil mustn't be directed at children nor pregnant women. Rather than everything mentioned the practitioner of white magic directs all negative energy onto abandoned houses or mills or generally "to the dark Hawaii", mythological wasteland, where no sound is heard and where there is no fertility.

Though generally there is a belief that amulet against evil can be created at any time of the day or night, there are still certain preferences which the Bosnian mages adhere to, namely, amulet is traditionally always waited for, i.e. the client has ordered it and after 15 or 30 days he gets it. The reason for this is that in Bosnia it is constructed in the second half of the lunar cycle, last 14 days prior to the lunar cycle, always after midnight. In that way it receives a specific power of protection and elimination of every magical effect. Since the amulet, at least for the first 40 days, must be in contact with the body, the mage folds the paper he used to write and draw symbols into a shape of a triangle, then it is wrapped in sticky tape and subsequently wrapped in a red cloth, or red cloth bag, and after the expiration of that period it can be carried in the wallet or purse. To the question, why is the bodily contact necessary for the initial 40 days, the simplest answer is that this number represents symbols of physical and spiritual regeneration, but also fate, and that's why it is very present in the tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Text, i.e. the content of the amulet must not come into contact with dust or moisture, that's why it must be protected by sticky tape, so that it's owner can go to the toilet or other places which are considered to be unclean. With the amulet as an addition one often places a leaf of nacre (Ruta graveolens) because of its apotropaic characteristics. It is mandatory to bathe it in smoke from the root of elecampane (Inula helenium) using a special formula.

Every time when the amulet is given to the client, the mage or Imam warns him that he must take care of it since it can lose its power of protection if someone accidentally or on purpose punctures it with a needle and in such a manner it disrupts its content. That's why an amulet is always taken care of. Similarly, if someone steals your amulet then they can hurt you with black magic.

Besides it having a function to protect from negative energy the amulet is very efficient against diseases but also negative propaganda. Today, as in the past, many companies as well as business people order amulets in order to protect their business space from hate and jealousy of the competition which often uses black magic to destroy their enemies.

There are a few type of amulets: for the protection of individuals, protection of the house, business object, for the protection of the land, etc. If the amulet is being constructed for a person from the family which doesn't want to carry it with herself then the amulet is constructed using a small picture of the owner and is wrapped in a special cloth, coated in wax, then it is positioned above the bed which the man uses to sleep. From that place it will protect him from black magic and attack from the Jinn (demon's).


Own your amulet!

If you wish to own an amulet with which you will be protected from negative energy you can order it here. It is necessary to send the following data:

Name and surname ........

Date of birth ...........

Name of both parents ..........

Based on your data the analysis of the destiny is done in order to determine which citation and prayer from the Qur'an, symbols and signs suit your spiritual profile and based on the acquired information the amulet will be created. To have the amulet delivered one can expect to wait between 15 and 45 days. The price of the amulet is 50€ or 100$

In order to pay, you can use paypal, in the following manner:

For now the only activated option is to order an amulet, in a short while the option for talismans will be activated and also method for revealing of destiny called "opening of the starts". You will be notified of everything.


Mouse - incarnation of a jinn

According to a legend in a Bosnian city lived an old Imam known for his magical prudence. It was said about him that at every moment he even knew what the emperor had for dinner. His talismans were especially popular in whose powers no one doubted since whosoever used them ensured their health and success. Not far away from that town lived a judge whose wife suddenly fell ill, but her disease was mental not physical. The judge was very worried about his wife and in the search for the drug he took her to many doctors, priests of all denominations but no one could help her. In the end he went to seek help from the old Imam. As soon as he told him what type of problem he had, the Imam made him a talisman and directed him how to use it: "-take this talisman, put it in your pocket and go to the bridge. Come to the middle of the bridge stop there and wait. A large procession of Jinn will cross the bridge with their king, when he sees you he will ask you why you are standing there, under no circumstances answer any of his questions. Not a single word can leave your mouth! The king will take the talisman from you, he will read it, once all the Jinn disappear you go home". The judge took the talisman and went home and when night came he went to the bridge and stopped in the middle. Soon he heard a lot of racket from the dark, drums and sounds of numerous instruments and a large army appeared with infantry and cavalry. In front of them all went their king with a large golden crown, dressed in a golden dress. It was king Madhab, ruler of Sunday, one of the seven large kings. When he saw the judge he asked him what he was doing there, the judge opened his mouth to reply but then he remembered the Imam's words as well as his warning and he said nothing. The king asked him the same question twice and then took the talisman out of his pocket, opened it and read it. Immediately he turned to his army and with a deep voice asked: "Which one of you has hurt this man's wife?" One by one the Jinn replied "it wasn't me", "it wasn't me".-And is there a Jinn that's missing? the king asked. -There is one, the limping on, he is not with us now", the Jinn replied. -Fetch him quickly! The king demanded.

As soon as the king gave out the order the limping Jinn appeared in front of him. Did you hurt this man's wife?

I did, the Jinn replied.

And why did you do it?

Her neighbour came to loan some butter and she told her "I don't have any, sister, the Jinn took it! When I heard that I took the butter. I thought that it would be good if I had some honey and flour so I can make myself some halva (sweet treat). At that moment her neighbour asked if she could at least loan some honey in a cup to which she replied that a Jinn took it, so I took that as well. The same day an old beggar knocked at her door asking for some flour and she replied "-I don't have that Jinn dust, I sent all my wheat to be ground in a mill!" then I took her flour and stole a pot and started to make halva in her house. When the mixture started to boil in the pot she came and urinated in the pot, and to punish her I slapped her, the limping Jinn gave his account.

You acted accordingly, but you shouldn't have stolen the pot and for stealing I condemn you to the gallows! The Jinn caught him and hung him immediately. King Madhab wrote something in the talisman and returned it to the judge in his pocket. Instantly the king turned to his army and they disappeared. When he came to himself from the shock and horror the judge looked around him and saw that it was already dawn so he hurried back home. In his bedroom he found his wife sleeping so he woke her up and by her behaviour he realised that she has gotten better. The judge returned to the bridge the same day to see if there are any signs of the large army from the night before but all he saw there was a dead mouse hanging and moving slowly in the breeze.

Signs of magic

A dead mouse on the bridge was always a sign of a successfully performed daire - spiritualistic ritual of Bosnian dervishes and Imam's, for which it was written that sometimes they can cause large storms above the place where the ritual has been performed and that the wind was of such an intensity that it raised the roofs from the nearby houses. The goal of daire was a contact with one of the rulers of the Jinn to which it was suggested to find and punish the Jinn that possessed the body of the deceased. The penalty of the Jinn attacker was always death, which in the material world manifested itself with a dead mouse on the bridge. According the tales of stravarka Fatima Dizdarević a spell that fails to hit its target (person) would turn into a white mouse. While she would perform a ritual of neutralising the effects of black magic from a person stravarka Fatima would divine using a cup of coffee with the intention to detect the origin of a spell, its purpose but also effect that it had on the targeted person. Among the figures in the coffee residue, the following symbols were very important: black cat - sign of black magic, bat - symbol of love magic, a lot of dots in one place - spell was created using dirt from a grave, pyramid or triangle - talisman magic, etc. If she notices among the residue a figure of a white mouse she would reveal to her client that the magic attack was unsuccessful. Reasons for the lack of success could be in the amulet the client had on him for some time or he was protected by a good deed such as charity which he gave to someone prior to that event or something else.


Bat and donkey

One of the oldest spells of Bosnian love magic is the use of bats as props for casting a spell. When it is caught, the bat is slaughtered with a golden or silver coin and a spindle is used to puncture the middle of its body, that hole is wrapped with golden threads in order to form a circle. Actually, the entire bat is wrapped with golden threads so that nothing else can be seen besides the hole in the body which will be used to look at the person whose love is desired. While the girl is looking through the body of the bat she utters: "With god's help as this bat flew through the air blind, so too you shall be blind by love towards me!"

Besides this, the brain of a donkey is often used, a piece of the brain to be exact, which is mixed into a cake or another meal and offered to the person whose love one desired. Exactly because of this spell among the Bosnian people there is a saying about a man who is overly interested into a woman: "She must have given him some donkey brain to eat!"


Bosnian love magic: red apple and blood

A girl takes a red apple and on one part of it he carefully lifts a piece of the skin, he drips a few drops of blood from his pinkie on the left hand, and discretely returns the skin to its place. He then sprinkles the apple with a few drops of water which was used to bathe a deceased person. If the apple is eaten by a man which she desires as a lover or husband, he will quickly fall in love with her.


Love knots

To "tie" her husband to herself and secure a long common life, a woman pulls from her underpants and her husband's underpants a long thread. Then she connects them together and ties seven knots on it. Prior to any knot tying the woman repeats the prayer Ihlas and utters:

"on Friday I tied you to myself and your thoughts, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Saturday I tied you to myself and your eyes, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Sunday I tied you to myself and your ears, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Monday I tied you to myself and your mouth, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"On Tuesday I tied you to myself and your arms kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Wednesday I tied you to myself and your legs, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Thursday I tied you to myself and your entire body! kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

The thread with the knots is worn for seven days on the right side of the body, in the bra, and then placed under the doorstep of the house.


Love formula for arrival

In the past when a Bosnian girl wanted to make a young man visit her using a spell, she would get into bed and repeat the following formula seven times:

I laid on seven mattresses,

onto seven sheets,

onto seven pillows

and my dear N (name) onto seven knives,

onto seven swords

and onto seven rifles - may he not be able to live,

may he not be able to breathe,

may the sun not shine on him,

until he sees me,

kisses me and comes to me!

If the formula is uttered with a lot of passion and belief, it can have a fascinating effect, namely, according to folk tales, the young man that the girl mentioned in her formula will be struck by a mysterious longing and desire to see the girl and he will immediately go to see her. If on the other hand he tries to resist the urge he will be drenched in sweat and red dots will appear on his skin.

In order to prevent the girl from casting such spells the boy has to go to her house in secret and urinate on the door hinges with which he will neutralise all her future attempts of influencing him with love magic.


Discovery of an even older pyramid in Bosnia than the one in Visoko

Currently the most popular clairvoyant in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Omer Titorić, who receives his visions in his dreams, discovered that in eastern Bosnia, on the location between Rudo, Višegrad, Čajnič and Voskovina there is a pyramid much older than the ones discovered in Visoko.

-There is a larger hill which now has some significance but when we discover a pagan altar thousands of years old, and underneath it a smaller roman town, catacombs and underground hallways - and in the vicinity a lot of valuable caves, connected with hallways, then many will realise the value of this location. The location will be discovered, according to Omer Titorić, if attention is paid to a dark blue and red stone orb located into the stone recess.

-On smaller and larger rocks, there are numerous engraved forms of animals from that ancient time. Those forms are very large. There are numerous graves, numerous smaller but also larger stone slabs which have skull and bones etched and those that search for the pyramids will know that they have located them once they see that. There are also undiscovered 10 000 streams of the best and purest water on this planet. Otherwise, one should know that there isn't an inch of land on which the ancient man didn't leave a mark of his time. This might be sensational but it is true and that is that at one period, there were much more people than there are today.

In the end, Titorić announced mass opening of holes in the ground, which he calls abez holes. - The ground will be opened so frequently that it won't be strange to humans any more, it will become normal.


Lead melting or salivanje strahe (salivanje zrna)

Lead melting is an old ritual of neutralising negative energy known from Bosnia and Herzegovina all the way to Palestine. But, while in Turkey and throughout the Middle East the ritual was exclusively practiced to nullify spellbound eyes, or, in Romanian and Bulgaria for removing effects of fear, in Bosnia this ritual cures the consequences of spellbound eyes, fear, black magic, influence of demons, certain skin diseases and different blockages such as the inability for someone to get married or a pupil to achieve success in school. Also, only in Bosnia and Herzegovina stravarke and stravari know how to use this ritual to help people which are far away from them, without physical contact, even on another continent. That's why it is known that Bosnian stravari are the best ones in this area.

In support of all the above the claim that the lead melting ritual originated in Bosnia is very popular, namely the Ottomans spread it across the lands they conquered in their campaigns i.e. from the Balkans to Palestine and Syria. In support of the originality of the ritual the data that lead melting was familiar in Bosnia since the old days and that there is no data in any ethnographic chapter which would disprove these claims. According to individual anthropologists lead melting is an ancient ritual of the Illyrians which knew how to use metals and how to shape them but also to use them for purposes of magic.

As I have written before on the ritual practice this time I will pay more attention to the theory and detailed explanation of the magical background of this ritual. To begin with we should stress that the ritual of lead melting itself is actually a combination of four elements, since a human is also made out of them. Namely, the human body is divided in the following way; from the foot to the waist rules the element of earth, from the waist to the chest is the element water, around the lungs, rules the element of air, while the head belongs to the element of fire.

In what way are the 4 elements present in the ritual? In the bowl with water, in which you melt lead, you place a hollow rock which is considered to be hardened earth. It's function is that all negative energy passes through it and goes into the ground. The water in the bowl is the second element which is combined with the element of air i.e. the stravarka blows into the water while chanting various formulas. The lead is melted with fire, with which we come to the last of the four elements. Namely, lead melting is an ancient ritual which is used to bring all four elements inside a human into balance and harmony and in such a way it enables a normal flow of energy and healing.

Another symbol, which is very important in the ritual of lead melting is what I would call "unification of the elements" and that is the pentagram or star with five points, which represents the human. Each point represents a part of the body: head, arms and legs. According to the procedure after the ritual the diseased washes his face with water which was used for lead melting and chanting of prayers and in such a way as to follow the pentagram; first wash the face, then the right arm and left leg and then the left arm and right leg. In such a manner one symbolically forms a star since according to ancient Bosnian tradition, successors of Illyrian cults, each man has his own star in the sky with which he is connected over his forehead, i.e. the place between the eyebrows. For that reason the stravar or stravarka every time after the last lead pouring dips his/her fingers into the bowl with the water and passes the fingers over the forehead of the diseased. With that ritual she "cleans" the star of that man or better yet neutralises all blockages which disrupted the connection of the man and his star.


Bosnian prophecy

During the last decade of the 20th century many astrologers were announcing the coming of the age of Aquarius which should bring peace and advancement to humanity and it should forever close the doors on the dark age of the Pisces which was full of wars and misfortunes. Entering the 21st century and the long awaited era of Aquarius nothing has changed, on the contrary the whole world entered an even bleaker and negative era. What do the old Bosnian prophecies say about all of this?

Announcement of war and crimes

All of the prophecies coming from the Bosnian people are of an oral character, they were recited traditionally as a warning from the elders to the younger generations. It is interesting that they are full of negative predictions which talk about accidents, wars, misfortunes. They never determine the time of any of the events, however it can be easily discovered by analysis. The most interesting predictions are those that deal with the Bosnian people. An old Imam from Velika Kladuša foretold during the 70's "the rule of a Woman Jinn which is more wicked than the Male Jinn"- "When the female Jinn starts ruling, said the old Imam, our people will disperse around the world, and we will long to see each other!"

Aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995) from Serbia and Montenegro which culminated with the genocide on the Bosniaks in Srebrenica forced millions of people to abandon their homes and try their luck in other countries. Another harbinger of the war is the sentence "When the world becomes red, horrible times will await Bosnia!" In this sentence the symbolic term "red" means when the roofs of the houses become red (red bricks). The economic boom in Bosnia which took place during the second half of the past decade enabled the building of better houses and it also changed and upgraded the way houses were built.

"Neighbours will start hating each others, brothers will hate each others, there will be no shame, children will be giving birth to children", foretold the great prophecies announcing the coming of a great hatred whose consequences could have been seen in the media that reported of the great atrocities that the Serbian army undertook throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The second part of the prophecy dealt with the moral debasement of the human race, the rise of juvenile delinquency, crime, no moral role models.

Judgement day or nuclear war?

Today the folk wisdom claims that the world is "cleansed" every 40 years, i.e. there is a big war or a disaster that sweeps away millions of human lives. And this will continue until judgment day. According to the predictions of the people, "40 years before the judgement day three heavenly gifts will disappear from the Earth- bees, sheep and wheat!" The description of the last day on Earth, or the world as we know it are summed up in the following dramatic sentences: "A multitude of hot stones will fall on the Earth and it will melt and scorch its surface." We can forebode that here we are dealing with a nuclear disaster or another disaster that will afflict the Earth because the Bosnian prophecy continues with the following words: "Not all people will perish, from this disaster new people will emerge, shorter and instead of two eyes they will only have one. Because the sun will beat down mercilessly these people will run underground where they will have some peace and quite." By interpreting these omens we can reach a conclusion that people could suffer some sort of radiation because of some sort of disaster and that their bodies could mutate or evolve into a different and deformed form. The prophecy also foretells our future that will take place in underground cities whose blueprints and plans are already among us.


Illyrian gods and goddesses

In order to grasp the pagan world of our ancestors, especially the one connected with their religious life, we need to gather all the names of the god’s and goddesses of the Illyrian pantheon from the entire area of Illyricum from Albania across Bosnia and Herzegovina to Slovenia. Individual deities had several names but an identical function which is the reason why the Illyrians failed to establish a unique religion across the territory of Illyricum and why it was divided into many cults. But, according to all available data, worshiping the snake, the reincarnation of the Grand Mother, Thane and Vidasus were common to all Illyrian tribes mostly because these deities were connected with the cult of agriculture and fertility.

Dracon and Draccena: divine couple.

Nutrika: goddess, protector of children.

Sentona – goddess tied to the cult of agriculture.

Ika – goddess of fertility.

Histria – goddess, protector of the entire geographical area of Istria.

Boria – god of wind.

Nebra – goddess of storms and mist.

Trita – goddess of health. Her name has no connection to the Istria area, instead it can be recognized in the names from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the form Tritan, Tritanon or Traitano. It is believed that the name of the goddess has an Illyrian-Celtic heritage.

Melosok – local Illyrian god, protector.

Anzotika, Irija or Prende: goddess of love.

Boa: divine snake.

Verbti: god of fire and the north wind which causes fires.

Beautiful celestials (in Albanian: Bukuri and Qiellit) in ancient Illyrian times, three gods which divided the world into the heavens, sea and underground.

Thana, Tana, Thiana or Zana (Albanian): Illyrian goddess equated to the Roman Diana. She is followed by three goats with golden horns. In Albanian mountains Zana lives as a faery adorned by bravery and beauty. Among the Bosniaks Zana or Tana is a forest faery (Zlatna) which lives in Bosnian forests and helps great warriors, such as Mujo Hrnjica. Deep connection of the goddess Tana is evident through folk songs where the scene of Mujo Hrnjica meeting with the faeries is described, the fairies were disguised as goats, with his shrewdness he manages to unmask them and subject them to his will. Even though in Bosnian mythology it is considered that the forest faery and Zlatna are actually two different faeries i.e. mother and daughter, we are probably talking about one faery which probably has a different name in various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Identification of the Illyrian goddess in the name of the queen of faeries Zlatna (Zlatana) is more than evident in the name itself, namely, if we subtract first three letters from Zlatana we will get the name Tana or if we subtract the second, third and fourth letter – Zana.

Zlatna is called forest or mountain faery in north-western part of Bosnia with clear meaning of mountain i.e. forest faery or forest mother. Her epithet of queen, confirms her privileged position which she has as the goddess of our Illyrian forefathers.

Medauros or Armatos: god of war. Depicted as riding a horse, with a spear in his left hand.

Redon: protector of seafarers. God in the form of a boy next to which a dolphin appears.

En: one of the three supreme gods.

Perendi or Shurdi: god of thunder, husband of the goddess Prenda. A curious similarity appears between the “Slav” name of the god of thunder Perun and the Illyrian Perendi. If we take into consideration that the Illyrians, besides the Greeks, are the oldest people in the Balkans then it is easy to conclude that Perendi or Perin is nothing more than an ancient Illyrian deity which is wrongly connected with the forced Slav pantheon.

Vidasus or Vidas: one of the names of this grand god of the Illyrian pantheon is Messor or Žetalac which clearly alludes to his dominant role in the cult of fertility i.e. agriculture. Time of harvests was a period dedicated to him.


Bosnian prophecy: prophet - sleeper

Omer Titorić from Višegrad is another example of a prophet who gets his visions through his sleep. Magazine Aura from Sarajevo wrote in a few instances about his prophecies. In an interview published in 2006, Omer announced that in 2011 the world will be met with a calvary of atomic centrals and deaths of numerous people. In the following interview published in December 2007, Omer said the following: "Europe will be struck by such floods which were not remembered by human minds. All towns that have rivers or are located on river beds will be flooded." His prophecy came true in May of this year when unheard of floods struck Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

Omer claims that he is infallible in his divinations which are often not positive. However, there are such - Palestine shall become an independent state despite the fact that Israel has performed genocide for centuries over the Palestinian people and has been managing the world's largest concentration camp in the world, Gaza. According to his prophecies another pyramid shall be discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina which holds a secret that is thousands of years old which will make the pyramids in Visoko seem miniscule and irrelevant.


Bosnian prophecy: USA shall be punished by god

From those negative prognosis the ones that deal with Holland and France are especially bad. Namely, Holland will completely disappear underwater until 2024 and a large part of France will be flooded. In 2044 an even greater catastrophe will occur and it will hit the USA as a sign of god's punishment for killing Muslims in the Middle East. Let's remember that USA with its war aggression on Iraq killed over half a million of Iraqis, and if we add all the wars it financed from Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, we come to an even larger number of murdered Muslims. That's why, according to clairvoyant Omer, in 2044 god's wrath will reach the USA - half of the USA will disappear completely due to a large cataclysm. When asked by a journalist of the magazine Aura if something nice will happen to us in the next thirty years, Omer replied: "Well, at one time the world shall be peaceful and blissful. My dreams tell me that it shall happen when Qur'an is translated to all world languages."


Bosnian prophecy: Destruction of disbelievers

Besides gifted individuals and their visions, among the Bosnian people there are a lot of prophecies for which the author is unknown but they are present in the tradition. According to one of them there is a gigantic rock above Saudi Arabia which is stationed high in the sky which will in the future fall onto earth and destroy it. Today this prophecy is interpreted as a punishment for perversity and evil which is spread by the royal family Saud and financing Al-Qaida and terrorist which are killing Muslims in Syria and Iraq. Even god's messenger Muhammad announced that at one time the centre of Islam (Mecca and Medina) will give way to evil and viciousness so much that it will cooperate with the enemies of Islam (Israel, USA, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey) and that it will have to be destroyed in order to cleanse the holly place from disbelievers and murderers.


Prophecy on the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Just before the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the summer of 1878 a peculiar event took place in Sarajevo: mysterious worms appeared on the trees, destroying leaves on plum and apple trees. They were so numerous that they started creating cobweb on the yards and grass, which made the trees seem as if they just bloomed. Then the worms started creating the web on the fences, roofs of houses and narrow street passages which made people move out of fear. Dervish-effendi Goraždak, one of the major adversaries of the Austrians and ardent supporter of opposition to Austro-Hungarian occupation, analysed this strange occurrence to people as an announcement of a great disaster which no one is expecting - that Austria will win. People in Sarajevo were scared mightily of the prophecy which came true in a short time.

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