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Ograma or nagaza

Ograma or nagaza is a folk name in BiH which explains that a person crossed over a place where invisible beings are gathered or through items of black magic i.e. across a place over which dirty water has been spilt, often a ritual of neutralising black magic. Namely, according to an ancient rule, a person that is under the influence of black magic from a stravarka or Imam receives a talisman which is submerged in a bottle of clean water and after a few hours one bathes with the water and the residue of the water is then spilt on an intersection or street. First person that passes by will become a victim or better to say, negative energy will pass onto him. That magic transmission is extremely familiar in rituals with lead when a piece lead along with a bank note is brought onto an intersection and leave it with the goal of a random person picking it up. Ograma also happens in other instances, especially when one passes over dirty places. Many of us, especially those that do not take off their clothes when entering their home, can accidentally bring on the souls of their shoes a small item or a blood stain, urine or something else and in such a manner accidentally summon evil into their home. Ograma, just like winds, has a very negative effect on the human body and often causes inexplicable pain in the legs, headaches, restless dreams, and over time it can cause panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Bosnian magic
23/09/2015 17:17