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Bosnian spiritual medicine

All across Bosnia and Herzegovina stravarke, and also some Imam's, claim that a much smaller percentage of physical and mental issues are caused by the effects of black magic in comparison to four supernatural phenomenon to which people are subject to on a daily basis. We are talking about spellbound eyes (envy and jealousy), fear (stress), ogroma (direct contact with spirits) and wind. While there are relatively few people that possess skills of black magic, since such practice requires a large knowledge and capability of communication with spirits, the mentioned four phenomena exist regardless of magic, even though they comprise its main components. All of the above mentioned is tightly connected with our lives through an everyday tempo, meetings with other people but also our surrounding, which is increasingly polluted by waste and faeces, which is a favourable surrounding for the spread of wind (activity of evil spirits) i.e. effects of unseen forces and energy. All our encounters with such apparitions, if we're not protected by an amulet, have a negative effect on the psyche but also human health. This is why most people are confused when coming across with spiritual healers (stravarke) who claim that their disease or issue are not a result of some wizard practicing black magic but that their state was inflicted on them by accident or by their carelessness. We should point out that all people are not subject to the effects of the mentioned spiritual phenomenon but a large percentage is, especially sensitive persons with lighter skin and eyes, for which the Bosnian stravarke usually say are like "magnet for evil spirits".

Bosnian magic
23/09/2015 17:19